Hogwarts graduates apply here

I swear, this is not a joke.

I was listening to the radio the other day and heard an ad for the Wizard Academy here in Austin, TX. I’m at a loss for what it is. Is it accredited? I don’ think so, but yet it touts educating business professionals in an “out of the box” kind of way, creatively. They self-proclaim being a nontraditional business school. They claim “to teach you how to consciously do what a gifted person does unconsciously.”

Say what?

I was jazzed about it being a Hogwarts for adults right here in Austin, TX! 🙂

All kidding aside, it could well be legitimate. I don’t have any firsthand experience with it, or know anyone who’s attended classes, so of course I’m just going to poke fun at the name. As a marketer there’s so much in a name! I can’t help but wonder who came up with the Wizard Academy??

And they teach marketing classes!!!

Just bad on so many levels.

Again, I’m a marketer. Call me.


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