I’m An Unhappy AT&T Customer

The picture above says it all.

Can you tell we didn’t get to pre-order the new iPhone 4G? Couldn’t get through on the Apple iStore. Couldn’t get through via our account on AT&T. AND couldn’t get through via friends’ iPhone app. Oh!!, or the AT&T 800#!!

How could 4 methods of purchasing a phone have ALL FAILED?!!  How could they not have prepared for the massive interest?!

It’s upsetting. Not on the level of a BP oil spill upsetting, but nonetheless upsetting. Only reason being that I was excited for Palo Alto. He’s dying to get the new phone and was excited about pre-ordering. I was excited FOR HIM. But now, I’m just pissed off at AT&T and hope that they don’t disappoint him even further by providing crappy service when and if he ever does get it.

To add insult to injury, I wake up this morning to a friend’s Facebook post that he mistakenly bought FOUR iPhones! AT&T was not quick on sending confirmation emails and so in his obsession to upgrade, and be sure that the order went through, he kept reordering and ended up with FOUR!! Wonder how many other people that happened to.

I’m going to see how Palo Alto’s experience with the dumb iPhone fares before I cross over (have been a happy Blackberry customer for years). Part of me is hoping it’s mediocre or bad so I can go to Verizon for the HTC.

We’ll see. He should have his iPhone sometime before Christmas.



  1. Four iPhones?? Who does that guy think he is?? 😉

    Actually, I only “ordered” one from AT&T (which was a partial order since I never entered my billing info or saw a confirmation screen), but they did eventually email me requesting it. I then sat on hold for 20 minutes to cancel the order and free up the iPhone for someone else.

    The other 3 were all ordered on Apple’s site and I canceled 2 of them. The really confusing part was that in all of these transactions I only got to one “confirmed order” screen (which is why I stopped ordering!). Hopefully Palo Alto gets one of the 3 that I returned to the pool of available units! It is scary to wonder how many people this happened to and how it impacts Apple’s claims of 600k pre-orders…

  2. He’s an iPhone hog! That’s who he is!! 🙂

    I was thinking afterwards that I should have just bought one from you. There’s got to be a way to transfer the service to another phone.

    Oh who am I kidding, AT&T wouldn’t know how to do that, they can barely handle taking a simple order.

    Palo Alto is going to try the Walmart and Best Buy, camp out route while I’m snug and warm in our bed.

    Have a good one Mike!!

  3. Understant your frustration with ATT. Haven’t had any problems with iPhone so far. Love it, in fact
    (3G). However, they definitely don’t have as good coverage as Verizon does. I’d still go with the iphone and hope they get a plan with Verizon some day.


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