Inkheart, book vs. movie

My oldest has to read a book over the summer for her English Lit class. She picked “Inkheart” by Cornelia Funke.

A lot of the books she had to choose from were great books, but nothing that she was really interested in (Harry Potter series, Jane Austen, Moby Dick … lots of fantasy and classics; fantastic books!). She’s big into comedies, light literature, and everything on this list, as far as she was concerned, was pretty heavy for a summer read. (This kid never got into the Twilight books either, thankfully. “There are vampires in it? Blood, biting, death. No thanks.”)

At any rate, I thought that I’d help nudge her into reading her book throughout the summer (vs the last few days of the summer) by, well, reading along with her. I of course am about 1/3 of the way in and she has yet to pick it up.

I’m loving this book!

I recalled there was a movie made of it recently and just saw online that Brendan Fraser was in it. Hmmm, not a big Brendan Fraser fan. Saw him one too many times in “George of the Jungle” and that was it for me.

Anyone see “Inkheart,” the movie? Worth a rental? If not, I’ll just stick with the book. Though I won’t tell my kid there’s a movie. She’ll skip the book altogether and just watch the movie and hope it’s enough to cover her bases for the assignment in the fall.




  1. Hey Ana,
    I read the book and loved it too, but heard the movie wasn’t remotely close to the book. I also heard that the movie wasn’t any good. I didn’t see it due to Brendan Frasier being in it…..Hopefully she’ll pick it up and enjoy it soon!

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