Happy 4th of July!

Lots of 4th of July festivities around here. We’ve been on the go since Friday and I can say that I’m glad it’s finally slowing down. Phew. I’m exhausted! But the highlight are always the pics…


I love babies. If I could have 3 more, I would. And I could, but Palo Alto is a baby hater and so we won’t.

I kid!! He loves them too, just no more of his own.

Look at this sweet pea. All I did was take out the camera and she turned on the smiles. You can tell her Mama and Daddy take lots of pics of her.

God bless the person who invented juice boxes. But they might want to add some instructions for the babes who don’t know NOT to squeeze the box.

This is one of the sweetest pics. Like Daddy, like son.

And can someone tell me, what dog doesn’t know how to swim? This is Beasley and though she loved to get in the water, she Could. Not. Swim. ┬áDidn’t seem to know how to make the back legs work. Her poor owner. She got scratched up quite a bit from Beasley’s swimming efforts.

And why not call her Mrs. Beasley? (Let’s see how many of you are old enough to remember Mrs. Beasley)

And finally, someone you haven’t seen in a while, Penny.

She hates the 4th of July. The fireworks really scare her.

We make it a rule not to let her into the bedrooms, but last night was an exception. She got to sleep on my side of the bed.

Little fur ball sure knows how to hog up the bed. Lucky for her I was willing to share the bed. Not Palo Alto. And yet she worships him!!!


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