Boulder, CO

Had the chance to see Boulder, CO this weekend. We had a small family reunion there and this being my first time in Colorado, I was excited to finally see it. I’d heard quite a bit about it for years. “It’s beautiful. The skiing is wonderful there. The mountains are breathtaking. Hip.” And ¬†on, and on, and on. Well, Boulder did not disappoint.

There were some unbelievable houses in Boulder, around the Wonder Lake area. This one being built on the side of the mountain is going to be impressive. The house looks spacious and on the McMansion scale, but the views will be incredible.

A Boulder bee. Everything was in bloom and I’m told that it was even more spectacular a few months back when Spring kicked in.

I’m jealous of folks that have easy access to the trail around this lake. I ran it and could have gone another hour. There was another, higher trail that I would have loved to have attempted. So gorgeous. One of the very few times that I didn’t wear my iPod but just took it all in.

One of Boulder’s many treasures. Love that face.

We went hiking on one of the many Flat Irons trails. My kids were amazing. All were able to keep up. Me, not so much. Well, I kept up but not without wanting to hurl every few feet. That altitude sickness is real. Not a confidence builder. You’d think with all the miles I clock running, a hike up a mountain wouldn’t have been so bad. Ah well. I survived and was grateful to be down at the bottom again, nausea then gone.

I’d love to come back some time during the winter. I know that’ll involve snow, and “Ana” and “snow” are generally not two words you’d use in a sentence together, but I imagine it’d be awesome. My girls especially would love the change in scenery. But ask me again when it’s 30 degrees and cold. I may be singing a different tune.



    • We were just visiting Boulder at that time. Such a beautiful place! I hope you are able to move and enjoy it. As for whether or not you can swim that lake, I’m not entirely sure. However, my gut tells me no. I ran the whole thing and never saw anyone swim it (and it was warm that day). Nor did I see any kind of area where you could wade in or get out easily. Best of luck to you!!

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