Eclipse – another $10 wasted

A gal pal and I went to see Eclipse last night. I know. I’m embarrassed. Don’t judge. Truth is, I read the books, saw the first two flicks with this same friend and another lady, and, well, it’s just something we do now. Suffer through the worst movies ever made. (Because suffering through the worst books ever written wasn’t enough.)

There were very few redeeming qualities about the movie. Sooooo few. OK, I liked Kristen Stewart’s make-up and her hair, sometimes.

Taylor Lautner is a cutie.

That’s about it.  

I’m not a Robert Pattinson fan (I just heard a collective gasp from all girls ages 12 – 16 the world over). Definitely Team Jacob, but if you really ask me which Team I’m on, Team Eric (Northman). I like to think he looks like my super handsome Palo Alto.

The highlight of the night was hanging out with my friend Sherri who I haven’t seen in a while. We had a nice Tex-Mex dinner beforehand, couple of margaritas (that helped me deal with the teen angst and the dull Bella Swan).

Oh, the other highlight … the 7 year old who crapped in her pants in the ticket line leaving behind a pile of … well, I’ll just say it, diarrhea. Poor little thing. She cried as she exited the line with her parents. Sherri’s repeated, “That’s disgusting,” is still making me laugh as I write.

That was the universe warning us that we were about to walk into a crap-@$$ movie. 

And sadly, I’ll more than likely see the next 2 movies. Only reason being that I’m really curious as to how the producers will handle the sex in the last book of the series. For those of you who have read the books, you know what I’m talking about!

What are your thoughts on how they’re going to take that last book into a PG-13 movie??



  1. I disagree, I liked the movie, but I also liked the books. They are no Harry potter, but I was definitely entertained. I would say I am Team Jacob, but love Edward too. I think it was the poop that ruined the experience for you, not the movie. 🙂

  2. i don’t know who was on deck for the vampire makeup in that movie, but they did an AWFUL job of it! edward’s eyebrows! all of the vampire eyebrows were GIGANTIC AND DARK! it was weird.

    not the best movie ever. i liked all of the books A LOT, even tho i know they are clocking in at cheese factor 1 million. OH EDWARD!

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