Chris Jordan, Barbie Dolls 2008 / Image rights - Chris Jordan

I love hearing about new business ideas. They always get me excited about the possibilities, every time hoping that one of them will jog my brain to come up with something new and creative. I especially love when entrepreneurs consider our environment and do their part to make it a better place all around.

Well, I learned of one said creative idea just the other day while driving home from God knows where.

Ever wonder what to do with that adult toy that’s broken or you have to get rid of for whatever reason? Too scared to throw it in the garbage for fear that some small child will pick it up in a landfill, or your garbage man will accidentally miss the dumpster and spill all your trash on the road for your neighbors to see … “Marion, is that what I think it is that just fell out of your trash??” Embarrrrassssinnnggggg!!

Enter Scarlett Girl Recycling Program. That’s right, they recycle your, (whisper) lean in closer, adult toys.

I know what you’re thinking… ewwwwww!!! I know because I did the same thing. However, that’s not exactly how it works. Once they receive it, they take the toy apart and separate it out into plastics, metals, etc… and each category is then recycled and melted down to make other things we use (dryer handle, knobs, you get it).

I thought “How COOL!!!!” It’s discrete and those little/big gadgets aren’t going to waste! And…. they give you a discount for any new items on their site. Bown, chicka, wown, wown.

Especially after seeing Chris Jordan’s exhibit on how much we waste (it’s shameful and heartbreaking, please check out his site, and thanks to my friend Alisa for turning us onto this talented artist), every little bit helps.

Do your part faithful readers. Please visit the Scarlett Girl Recycling Program page for detailed instructions on how to get started, and visit the Chris Jordan site for staggering stats on how much waste we produce as consumers.


  1. First, I want to know how (and why) you found this? Hmmmmm?????

    Then, I want to say that I do not want the job of dismantling all of those, old, over used sex toys…gross!

    But hallelujah to the recyclers! Got to love them for doing their part!

    • I will repeat myself, I heard about it on our local radio. The Kim Iverson show, 94.7 on our FM dial here in Austin. Enough said.

      As for someone touching them, I can guarantee the folks working the assembly line on the receiving end are wearing industrial strength gloves. Crazy job huh?

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