Back to school cleaning

We’re 20 days from everyone going back to school (but I’m not counting). That means we need to clean out the cubbies.

Most people — I should rephrase … organized parents — would have gotten this done right after school let out. Not me. That would have involved premeditation and, dare I say it?, organization. Neither of which is in my vocabulary when school lets out. In my vocabulary then is “sleeping in” and “late nights”.

Cleaning out the cubbies / Image rights -

Well, it’s that time. Do you see what’s involved? There’s stuff way up in areas I can’t even reach?! I love the winter jackets piled up in the 3rd cubbie. It was 106 degrees in Austin yesterday. Those came in quite handy. (In truth, I had to pull those out for ice skating last week. Just didn’t put them away again.)

I’ll be here all day. Someone please call in help if you don’t hear from me in the next 48 hours.


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