First of all … I’M BACK!!!! Sorry I’ve been off the grid for a while. It’s been a stressful few months and so I had to refocus my time and efforts on some other matters closer to home. I’m hoping, hoping the dust is finally settling. We. Shall. See. 

Anyway, I’m glad to be back with one of my favorite shows, Glee. If you don’t follow it, you should. It’s a quirky, funny show that’s done extremely well, providing smart humor, great music, and a flashback to days we all would LOATHE to relive, our high school years.

Tuesday’s episode had me thinking about more than just the central theme, i.e. the bullying issues we’re dealing with nationwide, but specifically how sad it is that young people who know that they’re homosexual are not free to love whomever they want, whenever they want. Could you imagine high school without open infatuations? Without the notes, and glances, crushes, and giggles with friends? To think that they have to hide so as to avoid people gossiping, bullying… it breaks my heart. Breaks my heart because some of my closest friends are gay and I can’t imagine them pretending to be someone they’re not, for so long (because you know it went beyond high school).

For all of the public attention being cast upon the topic of bullying, and directed at teens fraught with fear and confusion about their sexuality, I hope it helps. But that message needs to be shared broadly with more than just teens going through it but to teens doing the bullying and parents raising homosexual teens or bullies.

Hatred and ignorance, tolerance and acceptance start at home.

I dare say I may love this version better than Ms. Perry’s. (How cute is that Blaine?!)


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