Oh Kanye

Someone would do best to lie low and just not talk to the press for a while. That, or get some serious press training because nothing out of the ordinary was conducted in this Matt Lauer/Kanye West interview.

Said press training should include how not to act like a prima donna before millions (live and televised audience).

Update: Kanye’s misunderstood

Here’s an update to the Kanye interview with Matt Lauer. His press trainer quit after 3 days of working with him. No surprise there.

Kanye, when your expert trainer tells you not to do an interview, don’t do it. There’s a reason why you pay them as much as you do. And as for whether or not it is a set up, it is. The media can smell blood and if they think they can break you, they will. One last thing, stop with the Twitter (tweeting). It’s not helping.


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