That’s gonna leave a mark

I can’t help but laugh when people fall. I know it’s cruel and disturbing but let’s make it clear that I don’t laugh in front of someone, to their face, if they fall. It’s largely recorded falls, celebrity falls, or models falling.

Well, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took a much publicized tumble on Wednesday. I love this particular clip because there’s no news reporter asking the inane question, “What happened, and how’d she do it?” Really? What happened? “Uh, she fell.” And how’d she do it? “She tripped.” It’s a quiet, short clip that shows her gracefully making her way up the stairs to the plane, she turns to wave a goodbye and makes a quiet, albeit, somewhat tired and slow entry when WHAM! she goes down. That it takes her a little while to get up, and her hair’s all tousled, made me laugh even harder!

I know! I KNOW! There’s something wrong with me! I couldn’t listen to the commentary from the reporters because if she hurt herself I probably wouldn’t be posting the clip. I actually like her. (See, I do have a heart somewhere underneath that cold and dark exterior.)

Palo Alto is convinced that I’d love slapstick comedy. You know, the comedy along the lines of Laurel & Hardy. No. That’s just stupid comedy. But models falling… don’t get me started!


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