The bluebonnets are here

Bluebonnets / Image rights allthingsana 2011

Bluebonnets are a big deal in Texas. Lots of people have their little ones photographed among them. Me, I’ve been too lazy to get my kids out there. Something always got in the way of getting them cleaned up, dressed, and in the car for this quintessential Texan outing. If not rain, or a hectic day with errands, it was allergies. More than likely the last one there always won out. The thought of sitting among a bed of flowers with allergies already in full swing just makes me want to scratch my eyes out. Or even worse, if it weren’t my allergies but my Bitty’s -definitely wouldn’t put her through that for a picture.

Well, this year won’t be memorable in the bluebonnet department. We haven’t had much rain this winter and so that’s typically a good indication that they won’t be large and lush. They’ll be around, just not like last year.

This one was taken last year, and this happens to be one of my favorite little families here in Austin.

I don’t know these sweet little girls but the picture is lovely. I mean, look at those bluebonnets! This little Texan flower is truly a beaut.

Image rights - The Bluebonnet Photographer

And this one! Where is this? I’d suffer through allergies to snag a few pictures here!! I’d even drag Penny out there!! (Oh, she’d be adorable.)

Image rights / The Bluebonnet Photographer

Maybe this year will be our bluebonnet year. Achoo!!



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