Fabulous chocolate chip cookie

What better way to come back to the blogosphere after a long respite than with a delicious recipe!!

The inspiration for this ridiculous deliciousness is none other than the Levain Bakery‘s Chocolate Chip Walnut cookie. The recipe is not an actual Levain Bakery recipe, as they keep that recipe close to the chest, as close as Coca Cola keeps the Coke recipe close to theirs. It’s a close copycat from Parsley, Sage, Deserts and Line Drives. I substituted pecans for walnuts, and put in half the amount of chocolate chip cookies just because we’re not big fans of too many chocolate chips.

These are excellent! I am going to continue to try my hand at making them gooier. Granted, the reduction in chocolate chips probably made a difference, but I think I also needed to cook them for less time to make them more “undercooked”. Regardless, these were a big hit, and I must bid my farewells as I make my way to the kitchen for a cookie and a glass of milk.

Try them out and let me know how you’ve perfected them!



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