Petting zoos

I hate them. I know, it’s sweet to see all the babies, toddlers and children playing with the baby animals – the bunnies, baby goats, ducklings – but I hate that they’re on display, handled so carelessly and often. Those baby animals aren’t enjoying it. It’s worse than a circus (don’t get me started on the circus), or the zoo (oooh and let’s not talk about the zoo!!).

Nonetheless, we partook in the petting zoo at our church. I know, I know. And of course I was there to snap the obligatory pictures. I KNOW!! My kids can’t not play with them if they’re near by. No kid can.

They fell in love with the bunnies. Even my eldest who is not the cute cuddly animal type. I love that about her. I mean, yes, she loves small cute animals, but if it’s between a cute cuddly animal and a new pair of boots or hair product, she’ll opt for either of the latter. That’s just how she’s wired. Love her.

Am I making too much of it? Anyone else feel the same way about the circus and zoo?



  1. S’funny…always loved animals, and therefore loved the zoo, etc….
    Feel much differently now… funny what developing empathy and
    maturity does.

    If the critters are in a realistic habitat, and are well-cared for… I can sort of be ok with it.
    i.e Monterey Aquarium

  2. the zoo is NO FUN. blergh. i just love animals, but the zoo is one of the most depressing things on earth. and i am guessing a petting zoo is quite possibly a form of torture to all the animals subjected to it.

    that being said, i am a sucker for cute and soft animals, and i just want to touch touch TOUCH them. my poor cats. they get a lot of loving, whether they like it or not. lol. don’t fret, i give them a lot of space, too. 🙂

  3. The zoo is both good and bad for me. Good that it exposes people to animals. Sad that the animals are all cooped up.

    I feel the same with the petting zoos. Love to touch the animals, but angry at the parents who don’t monitor their children.

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