Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

I’m ready for the end.

NO I’M NOT!!!! I will miss my Harry and his wizard friends. You have no idea how it kills me that my children won’t read the books. I’ve even considered BRIBING them! But no, I won’t go that far. They don’t know what they’re missing.

The movies are wonderful, but they’ll never do those books justice.

Can’t wait ’til July 15, 2011.

Will you be there?



  1. I couldn’t agree more!! On everything… The books were sensational, the movies are as good as they could be. The books are unmatchable… I’m surprised Izzy isn’t in to them…. My niece, Casey, brought
    me the first one as a thank-you gift, and I’ve been hooked, starting with the shopping list for Diagon Alley…Will hate to see it end…. To think this divorced, single mom, with a miserly income, started this whole story with a legal pad in a coffee shop… Like Tom’s and FedEx…. Why oh why didn’t I think of that! xoxox Jannie

  2. I can’t wait, but it is bittersweet. Last movie, last chapter to the Harry Potter adventure! I was so sad when the last book was read, but I had the anticipation of the movies. Soon there will be no more. 😦

    But I do enjoy rereading them and listening to the audio books. The reader is great!

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