Eggcellent chocolate cream pie

Eggcelent Daisy / Image rights allthingsana

I made this unbelievable chocolate cream pie the other day. I actually made two of them in preparation for a BBQ we were having at our house. Turns out that you have to let these beauties sit for a total of 8 hours (2 hours for the custard to cool; then 6 for it to set). Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I hadn’t ┬áread that before embarking on my baking adventure, and so ended up with 2 pies.

Lucky for my neighbors I was feeling generous and so gifted them one. Had I tasted it first, I WOULD HAVE KEPT THAT ONE TOO!!

This was so good that I’d make it again in a heartbeat. It was easy too.

My youngest thought it was too “chocolate-y”. (This is where teeny tiny Ana living in my brain, who knows to keep her mouth shut so as to not hurt her children’s feelings, would say, “PUHLEEEEEASE!!! What do you know about ‘chocolate-y’?! YOU’RE EIGHT!!! Go play with your dolls!’). In this case though, I would agree with her. (Teeny tiny Ana living in my brain… silenced.)

Next time I’d do half bittersweet chocolate and half milk chocolate.

The only thing I changed was I didn’t make a crust.

Why make a crust when there’s Oreo cookie crust?!



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