Things that make me smile

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  1. Skinny girls with cellulite
  2. Cool-as-a-cucumber people who experience moments of insanity
  3. Spotting bunnies on my morning run
  4. Watching Penny get yanked back on her leash when attempting to chase said bunnies
  5. Babies laughing
  6. Babies sleeping
  7. Quiet mornings with my cup of coffee, just before the rest of the house wakes up
  8. Brilliant people who can’t spell
  9. Friends who clean up after dinner when I’ve asked them not to
  10. BFF (big fat friend)
  11. Jillian Michaels who after 20 days of her 30-day Shred tells me that by now I should be seeing a 6-pack
  12. A young couple going on vacation alone without their 6 children
  13. Birthdays, especially mine
  14. Scoring 102 points on a 4- letter word on Words with Friends
  15. Harry Potter July 15

Appreciating the little things ….


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