When is it too old to run?

Image rights - AP Photo / The Canadian Press

I enjoy running.

Am I a fast runner? No. A long distance runner? Not really, my longest run was a half marathon, twice, and not without injuries. Does it come easily? I wouldn’t say so. But nonetheless, I enjoy it.

Every now and again I toy with the idea of running a marathon, but then I think about the time required to train, the injuries, and the … injuries. If I recovered quickly I wouldn’t mind them as much, but they often sideline me for extended periods of time, months, and it’s not worth it to me.

And then someone like Fauja Singh comes along and it makes me wonder if it’s in me. I mean, if he can do it at 100 years old, why couldn’t I??? (Don’t you just love his smile?!)

He ran his last marathon in 5 hours, 40 minutes, and 1 second … 8 years ago at the age of 92.

Mr. Singh is my hero. I love his story and youthfulness. The marathon may not be for me, but I love that he will motivate someone to lace up their running shoes and get out there.

Maybe it’s you.


Mr. Singh completed his marathon yesterday at 8 hours, 25 minutes and 18 seconds. Pretty darn impressive.

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