About Me

Here is where a Latina born and raised in NY, transplanted to Austin, Texas via California tries to make sense of parenting, working full time, food, not-so-strict vegetarianism, friendships, and well, life in general.  I have 3 daughters that are growing up way too fast, keeping us all entertained with hair products, make-up, smelly lotions and clothes, driving, babysitting jobs, pet sitting jobs, swimming, school, Instagram, iPhones, music, tantrums, sibling rivalry and love. The family is rounded out with two working parents (in marketing and real estate), a Labradoodle (the 4th daughter), and a beta fish.

I love reading, baking, cooking, running/exercising, and enjoying time with my family and friends. My life may seem complicated from time to time but in truth, it’s pretty sweet as is all of our lives when we stop to just simply enjoy it.

This blog is about all things Ana, that means, anything and everything* that pops into my head. The good, the bad and the ugly.


*I’ll protect the innocent wherever possible and never share more than I’d ever want published about myself. And I’ll NEVER post about work.



  1. Annie bannanie –

    Wonderful!!!!! Loved it all, but the warm hand on the back melted my heart. Beautifully
    written. And the flaco y su perrito was great. There is a very similar relationship written about by
    Tim’s grandfather — Ralph. He should ask his Dad for it.

    PS. Have to admit to enjoying the funny side of cruel myself from time to time. The model toppling off her platforms was a good one, fer sure.



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