Got me some new bling

My aunt Shannon in Vegas sent me this little accessory. I dig it. It brings out the caramel in my fur, don’t you think?


Penny in her birthday suit and red collar, poolside.

Want it? Check it out at Red Envelope.

Penny meets American Girl accessories

Penny broke her leg the other day. She won’t fess up as to how she did it. I suspect it had something to do with that skateboard trick (the KickFlip) she’s been trying to perfect.

Lucky for her we had the American Girl Feel Better First Aid Kit for Dogs Dolls laying around, ready to help get her quickly on the mend.

I got sick of hearing her walk around at night with that damn cast banging against the tile.

So … she’s learned how to use the crutch.

Hangin’ all out

Hanging all out / Image rights allthingsana

This was Penny shortly before 4:30AM when I came down to wake her up for a run. No, I don’t usually get up that early for a run. It was just one of those mornings where I was up, she was “going to be up” after I woke her from her deep sleep. She was not happy when I did.I literally had to roll her out of her bed so I could put her harness on. Little miss please-let-me-sleep-for-another-12 hours growled.

She’s definitely not a morning person… dog. But once she’s had her coffee and run, she’s raring to go!!! … back to bed.