Everybody needs a Rosie

Sophia Grace and Rosie on Ellen / Image rights - warnerbros.com

Have you seen Sophia, the little 8 year old Nicki Minaj wanna-be sensation? And her quiet little back-up-dancer-cousin Rosie (age 5)?

Cutest little tiara-wearing-tutu-sporting-sprites ever. Sophia is hard to miss, but how ’bout that Rosie?

Aren’t we all Rosies? The ones in the background, the back-up singers, adding a little more umph to the show, helping the Sophia’s of the world really shine?  Without Rosie, Sophia wouldn’t be as confident, perhaps. Rosie is very likely the voice of reason, in fact at one point she tries to settle Sophia down, perhaps in a quiet whisper saying, “Easy cousin. Tone it down. We’re on ELLEN!!”


Go out there and have a great day blog readers. Be a Sophia today, or a Rosie. Either way, you can’t go wrong.


Happy birthday to me

It’s birthday week and so I’ve been busy celebrating and haven’t had a chance to post much here. However, upon seeing this below, I just had to pop in to celebrate as a very proud over-40’er.

Just when you start to worry about getting old, about the years just flying by, the new wrinkles, and new aches & pains, the universe hands you a gift.

Over 40 celebrities that are not only aging beautifully but gracing the covers of big magazines and OUTSELLING their 20 and 30-something, botox-injected, face-lifted, boob-enhanced, and lipo-sucked celebrity sistahs.

Take that you young punks!!

Julia Roberts, Elle Magazine, September 2010:

“I want my kids to know when I’m pissed, when I’m happy and when I’m confounded. Your face tells a story and it shouldn’t be a story about your drive to the doctor’s office.” — Julia Roberts

(Amen girlfriend)

Jennifer Aniston, cover of Bazaar magazine, September 2010

Jennifer Aniston / Image rights - Bazaar Magazine, September 2010

Halle Berry, cover of Vogue magazine, September 2010

Halle Berry / Image rights - Vogue Magazine, September 2010

This 43 year old is enjoying this beautiful, crazy, wrinkled, lumpy and bumpy ride, and God-willing, will continue to for many more years to come.

Boulder, CO

Had the chance to see Boulder, CO this weekend. We had a small family reunion there and this being my first time in Colorado, I was excited to finally see it. I’d heard quite a bit about it for years. “It’s beautiful. The skiing is wonderful there. The mountains are breathtaking. Hip.” And  on, and on, and on. Well, Boulder did not disappoint.

There were some unbelievable houses in Boulder, around the Wonder Lake area. This one being built on the side of the mountain is going to be impressive. The house looks spacious and on the McMansion scale, but the views will be incredible.

A Boulder bee. Everything was in bloom and I’m told that it was even more spectacular a few months back when Spring kicked in.

I’m jealous of folks that have easy access to the trail around this lake. I ran it and could have gone another hour. There was another, higher trail that I would have loved to have attempted. So gorgeous. One of the very few times that I didn’t wear my iPod but just took it all in.

One of Boulder’s many treasures. Love that face.

We went hiking on one of the many Flat Irons trails. My kids were amazing. All were able to keep up. Me, not so much. Well, I kept up but not without wanting to hurl every few feet. That altitude sickness is real. Not a confidence builder. You’d think with all the miles I clock running, a hike up a mountain wouldn’t have been so bad. Ah well. I survived and was grateful to be down at the bottom again, nausea then gone.

I’d love to come back some time during the winter. I know that’ll involve snow, and “Ana” and “snow” are generally not two words you’d use in a sentence together, but I imagine it’d be awesome. My girls especially would love the change in scenery. But ask me again when it’s 30 degrees and cold. I may be singing a different tune.

I’m An Unhappy AT&T Customer

The picture above says it all.

Can you tell we didn’t get to pre-order the new iPhone 4G? Couldn’t get through on the Apple iStore. Couldn’t get through via our account on AT&T. AND couldn’t get through via friends’ iPhone app. Oh!!, or the AT&T 800#!!

How could 4 methods of purchasing a phone have ALL FAILED?!!  How could they not have prepared for the massive interest?!

It’s upsetting. Not on the level of a BP oil spill upsetting, but nonetheless upsetting. Only reason being that I was excited for Palo Alto. He’s dying to get the new phone and was excited about pre-ordering. I was excited FOR HIM. But now, I’m just pissed off at AT&T and hope that they don’t disappoint him even further by providing crappy service when and if he ever does get it.

To add insult to injury, I wake up this morning to a friend’s Facebook post that he mistakenly bought FOUR iPhones! AT&T was not quick on sending confirmation emails and so in his obsession to upgrade, and be sure that the order went through, he kept reordering and ended up with FOUR!! Wonder how many other people that happened to.

I’m going to see how Palo Alto’s experience with the dumb iPhone fares before I cross over (have been a happy Blackberry customer for years). Part of me is hoping it’s mediocre or bad so I can go to Verizon for the HTC.

We’ll see. He should have his iPhone sometime before Christmas.

Toad in my pond

I happened to catch a glimpse of this fella in my pond this morning.

This is the second toad we’ve had in our pond. We had one last year that had babies but we had a cold front pass through and well, that was that! Off to toad heaven they all went.

We’re hoping that this one survives a bit longer. We always enjoy having a little science class in our front yard. I read online though that they could become a “problem.” An infestation of sorts. I read that one guy BASHED a toad he found in his pond … with a shovel!!!

Well, I hardly think it’ll come to that.

I mean really, how bad could it be? Stay tuned…