The Kardashian divorce


One word for you … sham.

72 days. That’s all it lasted. Even by Hollywood standards that was short.

Glad I’m not a fan, and now never will be.

Egg-on-the-face of tabloids that paid top dollar for the wedding. What was it $20M?? Shameful all around.


Tennis balls gone bad

Mattek-Sands / Image rights Getty Images

Mmmmm, this is so wrong.

Thirty-first ranked Bethanie Mattek-Sands wore this get-up at a Wimbledon player’s party. The dress is designed by Lady Gaga’s designer, Alex Noble.

Do you think that Noble ever laughs at his creations? Laughs at the fact that people are willing to pay for them?

In this case below, I don’t know what’s worse. Her dress, or his pants … or shirt … or shoes … or jacket.

Mattek-Sands / Image rights Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg’s puppy is cute but…

 I know this is old news, but I couldn’t help but dust this one off for those of you who might not have seen it. I know I hadn’t heard about it.

Cute puppy isn’t it? It’s Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s puppy, Beast. He’s about 6 months old now. When I saw these puppy pics I couldn’t help but oooh, awww, and ahhhh, along with the rest of you. I mean look at it! It’s a cotton ball of fluffy cuteness!! You know how much I love my Penny, but this puppy is crazy adorable.

However, I read through the article and spotted something that stopped me in my tracks. I remember hearing about this particular breed on Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 (my kids are huge fans). Sure, cute as a button now, but …

wait for it…

this is what awaits Mr. Zuckerberg and his honey, Priscilla Chan. Not so cute as an adult dog in my humble opinion. And any animal whose hair it takes 3 days to dry completely is just not for me.

Penny’s thrilled. For a second there, she thought I was looking at pics of her replacement.

Enjoy the dreadlocky Puli pup Mr. Facebook!!

Dear First Lady

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of Michele Obama. And I can appreciate a beautiful purse. In fact, I’d just about sell my beloved dog Penny for this beautiful purse, but with the economy at an all time low, and some people struggling to just put food on the table, I think flaunting a $990 Michelle Reed Krakoff tote is in poor taste.

Perhaps I’m making too much of it. What do you think?

Oh Kanye

Someone would do best to lie low and just not talk to the press for a while. That, or get some serious press training because nothing out of the ordinary was conducted in this Matt Lauer/Kanye West interview.

Said press training should include how not to act like a prima donna before millions (live and televised audience).

Update: Kanye’s misunderstood

Here’s an update to the Kanye interview with Matt Lauer. His press trainer quit after 3 days of working with him. No surprise there.

Kanye, when your expert trainer tells you not to do an interview, don’t do it. There’s a reason why you pay them as much as you do. And as for whether or not it is a set up, it is. The media can smell blood and if they think they can break you, they will. One last thing, stop with the Twitter (tweeting). It’s not helping.